Order directly with the USANA Preferred Customer (PC) ID number that I can set up for you and you’ll automatically receive 10% off. You can also choose the auto order option (no obligations) for an additional 10% off on top of that. (Never order from 3rd party sites like Amazon or Ebay as (unfortunately) many of them sell counterfeit products. ***Products are only guaranteed and safe when ordered directly from your USANA account.***)

If you would like to set up your own USANA Preferred Customer Account  click HERE

Select your Country, then choose Preferred Customer under Account Type in the dropdown box for your free, no obligation account. Enter your info then choose your products at the bottom.

Or, if you’d like assistance, email me at susanne@susannebond.com and I will set you up with a Free Preferred Customer account to start saving right away.

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