I often get told not to clip because Fifi will get cold, then when the first warm day of Spring appears Fifi comes into the salon a matted mess. Why? The last clip maybe was April as the weather cools down, Fifi would be due again in June or July but its too cold so lets just leave the coat on for warmth.

Unfortunately what Fifi’s owner doesn’t realise is, when Fifi wanders out in the rain and gets wet, all that coat (usually starting to matt) can take days to dry if left unattended, even worse is Fifi’s owner will think ‘Yuk, wet and soggy Fifi has to stay outside’. Fifi usually presents in the salon with urine smell and a sticky bum, not nice for me OR Fifi!!

For those clients who don’t like to clip in winter, I recommend a Winter Pamper. A brush/bath/dry/sani trim/shorten feet, face and belly. This will keep the Fifi’s of the world, clean, comfortable and lower maintenance during the winter. Your groomer doesn’t need to clip short if Fifi isn’t matted, consider a longer version of the summer clip.

Alternatively, clipping through winter makes for quick drying if Fifi gets wet and put a jumper on when outside.

There is always options available to keep your pet clean and comfortable during winter, ask your groomer at your next appointment.