Managing Stress


You may have it, we’ve all had it at some stage. Finances, Family, Work. Trying to balance them all with or without support can be worrying. Here are some ways  to help manage. Always schedule these into your day to make it happen.

  1. Eat well, eat clean low-GI food, and eat regularly
  2. Meditate – just 10 minutes a day, check out the Headspace App.
  3. Exercise.   Try walking, swimming, grab a bike and ride, lift some weights.
  4. Nutritional supplements. Pharmaceutical grade standard, with high ratings in the Comparative Guide. Stress causes damage to our cells and we need more than just a healthy diet to repair and renew them.
  5. Be sure to get adequate and regular sleep. Turn off devices 30mins before sleep, dim the lights and get your brain ready for sleeping, reading before bed helps alot.
  6. RELAX! Think positive and get passionate about your life. Enjoy the simple things.  Focus on what you can control don’t get upset about what you can’t control.
  7. Consider a Daily Gratitude Journal

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