The dreaded price increase

Groomers often get frustrated with the attitudes of customers when they get upset about a service price increase.

Some can’t understand why for the sake of eg. $5 they choose to shop around and find a cheaper groomer.

We probably only look at it from our WHYs for doing it and I think sometimes we forget to look at it from their perspective.

WHY  we need to:  Increased Utility charges, fuel, equipment servicing/shampoos, business rent/loans etc, our cost of living in general. For our customers their cost of living has also increased and now so has the grooming of their pet. We want our customers to feel this service is a necessity not a luxury item that can be put off until the pet really gets desperate. For some, an extra $5 every 6 or 8 weeks might be alot. Or do they not see the value for that extra $5 and that’s why they shop around?

A better way to try to understand THEIR behaviour is to look at how YOU make your shopping choices. Why do you choose the hairdresser you use? Comfortable environment, wonderful staff, happy with how you look and feel when you leave?  Do you come back if they put their prices up? Ask yourself why you do, or if you shop around, why? Is it because you may not feel they are providing added value for the same service?

If you walked into your hairdresser and questioned why they increased their service charge, which answer would make you want to remain loyal?

  • “But I have bills to pay, rent has increased, product has gone up, I can’t be expected to work for nothing”


  • Our priority is to continue to provide you with a high level of quality service and products, and to accept opportunities to expand our knowledge and expertise so that we can give you the very best experience and comfortable environment.

One would make me walk out and one would make me think and reconsider… How about you? Customers don’t care about what’s in it for you, they want to know what’s in it for THEM! 

Provide an extra service which will add to the value of the increased service charges, something that doesn’t cost you anything other than a little time, and that little bit extra is worth doing rather than losing a customer altogether. In our industry perhaps a extra pawdicure, facial, a massage….Perhaps add a Loyalty Card


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