Try a Newsletter

I often found keeping customers informed with new products & services difficult as not everyone is on FB or email.

I don’t know of any groomers who don’t Give Back at Christmas time and in addition to a Christmas Treat and Bow I found a one page Newsletter at Christmas time helped. I knew then that everyone got the information I was wanting to communicate, and many commented how they enjoyed them.

Always start with thanking your customers and how much you appreciate them for supporting your business. I would always try to have a new product or service to promote and provide a brief description. In Australia, Christmas time is generally HOT , and including a heat-stress safety or Christmas foods “what NOT to give your dog” type articles make interesting reading. So many of my customers have become good friends as I have had a long term relationship grooming their dogs, so I always like to put a personal note in as well, new grandchild, perhaps an interesting seminar I attended.

This was also a good time to communicate any price increases or changes to services.

Lots of Pictures and bright templates make it appealing. Microsoft have lots of free templates.  I have found that when a customer has finished with it they would pass it on to a friend who may be interested in one of the new services. Word of Mouth is the best form of advertising.

Building relationships with your customers helps build your business



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